【2023】OKUHARUKA | 1.76oz (50g) Green Tea

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NEW TEA 2023

The long-awaited new tea season has arrived! This precious tea can only be tasted once a year and is made from only the first tender new leaves grown in 2023.
Compared to leaves plucked later in the year, young, soft new leaves - known as shincha in Japanese - contain fewer bitter and astringent catechins and caffeine, and more theanine, a component that adds both flavor and sweetness, giving this shincha tea a refreshing and crisp taste.
Enjoy this chance to experience freshly picked, super-fresh new tea!




Net Weight: 1.76 oz (50g)

Ingredients: Authentic Japanese single-origin tea. Loose-leaf OKUHARUKA produced by Yokota-san, not blended.

Farmer: Mr. Takahiro Yokota

Yokota-san studied agricultural management and economics in the Agriculture department at a notable private university. After graduation, he went on to a research lab in Shizuoka to learn about tea. After living in a dormitory as an intern for two years, he joined his family-run business, Yokota-en, which has been producing fine teas for six generations. He is an up-and-coming young tea farmer who, together with his grandfather and father, is engaged in integrated production from cultivation to tea processing, while actively collaborating with other sectors to develop products and explore new possibilities for tea.


Origin: Sayama City, Saitama, Japan 

Sayama is located about an hour northwest of central Tokyo by train. Due to its access to highway and expressway, the area is lined with factories and logistics warehouses of major companies, and homes of the people who work there surround the area. Sayama tea, one of the three most famous teas in Japan along with Uji and Shizuoka teas, is grown in the green tea fields in the urban sprawl.


Variety: OKUHARUKA | おくはるか

Okuharuka was registered as a tea variety in 2015. It is a new variety that was commercialized at Yokota-en ahead of the rest of the country. The powerful tea leaves- icho in Japanese - grow in the soil that does not drain particularly well, but despite that has a high nutrient retention capacity. By incorporating the process of wilting the tea leaves, it brings out the fruity aroma of Okuharuka, which is similar to that of Japanese sake. LEARN MORE



Our steel containers are crafted in Japan, and most of the manufacturing is done by hand. An airtight double-layered cap maintains the quality of the tea leaves. The containers are reusable; after purchasing this product, you can fill it with tea refills for many years to come. As the container is handmade, the color/patina of the container may change.

All products are vacuum nitrogen-filled by each farmer by hand to ensure that freshness and aroma do not degrade during shipping. 



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