Sustainable Tea Farming. Do no harm to people or nature. A sustainable environment keeps tea traditions alive.

Farmer: Mr. Yoshinori Koyama
Born and raised in a family that has farmed the land in and around Uji for 18 generations since the 15th century, Koyama-san worked at a company for 8 years before taking over the family business at the age of 30. In addition to making and selling tea, his focus is also on embracing the experience of the process of farming, such as walking through the tea plantation and plucking tea by hand. His goal is to change the conventional approach to farming and become a sustainable tea farmer, so that this business can be properly passed on to the next generation.

An hour's drive south from Kyoto, the former capital of Japan, brings you to Uji, a town famous for its tea. From there, an old winding road runs along the river eventually leads to the streets of Ujitawara. This is the birthplace of green tea in Japan, where the sencha process was invented.