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What is wabi sabi journey?

Nothing lasts, nothing is finished, nothing is perfect.

All our products and services are  inspired by wabi sabi, an ancient Japanese philosophy, which teaches us to embrace impermanence, incomplete and imperfection.

Embracing wabi sabi in your daily life may help you to enjoy and savor life more.


Ther are three tihgs we value.

Driect Trade

We visit each craftsman and talk to them directly; only then do we decide to trade directly with them, based on mutual trust.



Through our projects as well as our products and services, we support the passing on of culture, tradition, the natural environment, and the creators to the next generation.



We respect each person’s ideas, and we embrace diversity in how people enjoy and feel about our products.



Operated by wabi_sabi_journey from B&W Co.Ltd

Address; The Portal Nihombashi East 4F, Nihonbashi Kodenmacho 21-1 Chuouku, Tokyo 103-0001, Japan

Contact; support@wabi-sabi-journey.com



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