Choose by Tea Farmer

Yokota Tea Farm

Sayama City, Saitama, Japan

Unbounded Urban Tea. Cultivation methods are given free reign to enhance the unique flavors of 17 single-origin tea varieties.


Koyama Tea Farm

Ujitawara Town, Kyoto, Japan

Sustainable Tea Farming. Do no harm to people or nature. A sustainable environment keeps tea traditions alive.


Goda Tea Farm

Yame City, Fukuoka, Japan

A Flagship Tea Grown by Umami Obsessives. Unique methods hit upon through trial and error are used to bring out umami.


Gokase Midori Tea Farm

Gokase Twon, Miyazaki, Japan

Native Organic Varieties. Authentic kama-roasted tea for future generations by leveraging nature to its fullest.


How to brew

Basic Knowledge of Tea

Learn about the teaware, the appropriate quantities of tea commonly used in Japan, and the relationship between taste and temperature.

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Hot Tea

This is a basic guide on how to brew the most orthodox hot tea.

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Cold Tea

Cold tea is made by pouring water over tea leaves to make tea, and this is called mizudashiin Japanese.

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