With tea, there is always a space for you to play a role.

Nurtured and crafted by tea farmers, our teas are born from uncompromising craftsmanship.

All our teas have unique and wonderful flavors, but are still unfinished. The flavor is transformed by both brewers and drinkers.

You play a role in creating the flavor of the tea.

By adding “I” to wab_sab_ we get “wabi sabi”,  an ancient Japanese philosophy that finds beauty in the incomplete and imperfect.

What will you experience with our tea?

The land and the people come together to become the tea.

Unique teas are born from the climate of each region and the meticulous approach of the farmers.

What’s visible beyond our single-origin tea is the everyday landscape of Japan that one usually does not encounter when visiting traditional tourist spots.

Your tea journey begins here.

The teas sitting on these shelves are waiting to bloom. Each tea has a unique story and flavor, carefully nurtured and crafted by farmers in their own region. Your role in this story is to select the right tea for you and to brew it just the way you like.

Our wish is for you to find a tea you love and to embrace that unique encounter. Your tea journey awaits.

Goda Tea Farm in Yame | The Pursuit of Umami

Gokase Midori Tea Farm in Gokase | Native Organic Varieties

Koayama Tea Farm in Uji | Sustainable Tea Farming

Yokota Tea Farm in Sayama | Unbounded Urban Tea

We hope you find your favorite tea farmers!