Hot Tea: Basic Brewing Instructions

This is a basic guide on how to brew the most orthodox hot tea. However, tea is not only about the choice of tea leaves, but also about the freedom to brew tea according to the drinker's preference. Once you have mastered the basics, try experimenting with different flavors by adjusting the temperature of the water and the steeping time.


When you want to adjust the water temperature


If you want to adjust the water temperature, you can pour hot water into the yunomi once before pouring it into the kyūsu, and you will find that you have lowered the water temperature by 5 to 10 degrees Celsius. Warming the yunomi will also prevent the tea from getting cold. The drop in temperature evidenced by this technique depends on the ambient temperature and the season.


If you can hold the yunomi in your hands for three seconds, it means the water is about 70 degrees Celsius. The feeling varies depending on the heat of the yunomi and the material it is made out of.


Put the tea leaves directly into the kyūsu teapot.


Pour the hot water from the yunomi into the kyūsu.


Wait for one to one and a half minutes. Depending on how long you wait, the balance of the flavor and aroma will change.


Pour the tea from the kyūsu into the yunomi. If you have more than one yunomi, pour a small amount into each cup several times to even out the thickness of the tea.


Be sure to drain every last drop of tea from the kyūsu. If any hot water lingers on the tea leaves, the flavor of the tea will seep out into that water and the taste of the second infusion will be diminished.


You are done! Enjoy differences in flavor and astringency depending on the temperature of the water and how long you want to steep the tea.


From the second infusion, pour the water directly into the kyūsu and wait a minute or so, which is shorter than the first infusion, before pouring it into the yunomi to enjoy the change in flavor from the first infusion. Some teas can be brewed up to three times.


When the taste of the tea becomes difficult to detect, rinse out the kyūsu and reheat the tea from STEP 1 with new leaves.


Making tea with boiling water


Put the tea leaves into the kyūsu teapot.



Boil the water and pour directly into the kyūsu teapot. → Jump to STEP05

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