Which one should I choose?

This is the most difficult question for us to answer. We have visited and spent time with all of the farmers and know of their love and commitment to their craft, so it is impossible for us to choose a favorite. On the other hand, this is the question we get the most from our customers, so here are some guidelines to help you make your choice.

For lovers of organic produce


Gokase Midori Tea Farm | Gokase Town, Miyazaki

Koyama Tea Farm | Ujitawara Town, Kyoto

Gokase Midori Tea Farm has already obtained the JAS mark, which is the official certification for organic farming in Japan, and Koyama Tea Farm gained JAS certification for its tea plantation last year.For those who value flavor and sweetness


Goda Tea Farm | Yame City, Fukuoka

Mr. Goda is a flavor enthusiast, and he uses fertilizer (fresh bonito!) and cultivation/processing methods that are focused on increasing flavor in his strong-tasting varieties. When brewing, the lower the temperature of the water, the more flavor and sweetness can be extracted.For those who value aroma

Yokota Tea Farm | Sayama City, Saitama

Yokota Tea Farm uses a special process called icho or wilting, in which the leaves are deliberately undergo wilting to enhance aroma. The Okuharuka variety is known for its distinctive aroma.For those that find loose leaf tea a little too troublesome

Tea Bags from Goda Tea Farm

Our tea bags are available only from Goda Tea Farm. These tea bags have twice the amount of tea leaves as regular tea bags, so you can fully enjoy the characteristics of the tea.What do wab_sab_ staffers think of each tea?

Yokota Tea Farm (Mr. Yokota)

This tea has a strong aroma, but the taste is gentle, making it an all-around tea for any time of day or mood. We like to drink it first thing in the morning or after dinner.

Koyama Tea Farm (Mr. Koyama)

Koyama Tea Farm is the freshest of the four farms, and has a slightly herbal taste. We like to brew Goko at a high temperature when we feel a little under the weather or need a kickstart the morning after a few drinks the night before.

Gokase Midori Tea Farm (Mr. Korogi and Fujimoto)

This tea has undergone kama-iri, which means roasted in a metal drum, so you can enjoy the distinct aroma and clear taste, similar to a Chinese tea.

Goda Tea Farm (Mr. Goda)

This tea has a strong flavor, so we recommend drinking it with cooler water when you want to relax.

The taste and aroma will change depending on the water temperature and brewing duration, so please try one tea at a time and find your favorite.

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