Nutrients and Effects

Different name means a different production method

All teas are originally made from leaves that grow from tea plants. The type of tea varies depending on the degree of fermentation. Tea that has not been fermented and is steamed is called green tea. Depending on the method of production, there are different names for green tea.

The kind of Japanese green tea we offer is called "Sencha".


Nutrients and Effects of Sencha

Catechin (a type of polyphenol)

Catechins are the main component of tea astringency; when oxidized, they give oolong and black tea their reddish color. 

Common health effects:
owering blood cholesterol / lowering body fat / cancer prevention / antioxidant effects / tooth decay prevention / antibacterial effects


Theanine (amino acid)

Theanines are the main ingredient of tea flavor; catechins are reduced and theanine is increased when tea is grown under shade.

Common health effects:
Increase in alpha waves (relaxation), suppression of increased blood pressure, suppression of caffeine excitation, protection of nerve cells in the brain


Vitamin C

Sencha tea contains 1.5 times as much vitamin C as red bell pepper, which has the highest content among vegetables, while oolong and black tea contain almost none.

Common health benefits:
antioxidant effect, collagen production, prevention of lifestyle-related diseases such as cancer


Sencha is mild and gentle

Caffeine is an ingredient that affects the bitterness of tea and is found in young buds, so matcha and gyokuro, which are made by picking younger buds, contain much more caffeine than coffee and black tea. On the other hand, sencha contains less caffeine and is more suitable as a beverage for those who want to feel calm and relaxed.



The nutrients may change depending on how the tea is brewed

The higher the temperature of the water, the more bitter the tea becomes. The lower the temperature, the more sweetness and umami are produced. By changing the temperature of the water according to your mood or the occasion, you can enjoy changing the flavor and effect of the tea.


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