How to brew cold tea for immediate consumption

Cold tea is made by pouring water over tea leaves to make tea, and this is called mizudashi in Japanese. Normally this tea needs to be left for about four hours until the flavor is agreeable. Here we can teach you how to brew cold tea with wab_sab_ that tastes good right away.

The key point is to add hot water right at the start


Into the teapot, place an amount of tea leaves appropriate for the amount of servings you want. So for a 1 liter bottle, two large spoonfuls of tea leaves should be sufficient.


Pour in enough hot water to moisten all the tea leaves. The water temperature is up to you.


Stir the tea leaves in the hot water.


Immediately add lots of ice.


Then pour in your water. Soft water is recommended. Gently agitate the vessel and when the color of the tea comes out, it is ready.


Pour into a glass and enjoy the flavor and delightful bitterness of authentic cold tea infused from tea leaves.


Enjoy the taste and astringency of authentic cold tea brewed from tea leaves.

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