What is wab_sab_?

Witih tea, there is always space for you to play a roll.

Nurtured and crafted by tea farmers, our teas are born from uncompromising craftsmanship.
All our teas have unique and wonderful flavors, but are still unfinished.

The flavor is transformed by both brewers and drinkers.
You play a role in creating the flavor of the tea.

By adding “I” to wab_sab_ we get “wabi sabi”,
an ancient Japanese philosophy that finds beauty in the incomplete and imperfect.

What will you experience with our tea?


Key Features of Our Tea

Uncompromising Craftsmanship

We only use tea leaves from Japanese farmers who have love and care for their tea plants.


Direct Trade

We trade directly and exclusively with farmers that we have visited and spent time with, getting to know and understand their personalities as well as their production processes. We do not use middlemen.


Single Origin

We do not use blends because we want you to directly enjoy the unique individuality of each tea plantation.


We are passionate about tea that reflects the farmers' love and commitment. 

Mr. Goda is particular about bringing out the best flavors. Mr. Korogi and Fujimoto are particular about making the most of the power and bounty of nature. Mr. Yokota grows 17 varieties of tea so that customers can discover their favorite. Mr. Koyama is particular about organic farming and sustainable practices.

Even though all these farmers are producing Japanese tea, each of them has chosen a specific variety, fertilizer, and processing method. The tea's individuality comes from the commitment of its creator.

Above all, it is a rich and enjoyable experience to drink tea made by a smiling, happy farmer who is happy to share their passion for tea production.

We want you to enjoy tea where you can sense the intentions of the farmer, the way they make it, the scent and the atmosphere of the land they live in.

With those things in mind, we have prepared a special page for you.


From right to left; Mr.Goda, Mr. Korogi & Fujimoto, Mr. Yokota, Mr. Koyama


Japanese tea leaves a space for you.

There are many farmers who are very particular about their tea. But they like to say that their tea is incomplete, unfinished.

It becomes whole only when someone brews it. The taste and aroma of the tea changes depending on the amount of leaves used, the temperature of the water, and the brewing time.

Enjoy adding your own hue to the teas made by our passionate farmers. 


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